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Dream of strange men and affectionate interpretation

Dream of strange men and affectionate interpretation
Dream of men, usually speaking, you are too busy recently, the decline in health.
People intending to go out dream of being intimate with strange men.
The pregnant man dreams of being intimate with strange men, indicating the birth of a man. April born female.
Business people dream and the strange man affectionate, not on behalf of fortune. Beware of your possessions, but you may lose them.
My people dream and a strange man affectionate, that sure can, otherwise it is difficult to.
The man who prepared the exam dreamed of being intimate with strange man, which means he failed to pass the exam.
Dream of strange men and intimate psychological advice
Feeling indifferent or indifferent to other people’s feelings. Other people’s kindness to you, although also can say some thanks, but always lacks a heart. Especially for relatives, close friends, most likely to have this tendency. Like a call to tell my family to remember the time of late, don’t worry about others will think over. Listen to the old songs and the atmosphere tonight is up to them.
Dreaming of strange dreams associated with strange men
[dream 1]
The road dream and an understanding of the man go home on the road last night: midnight dream and an understanding of the man go home on the road, see the following two springs, he said there is water, then do not know what he took in which there are gestures, gestures water out to me when the house is on a slope and then, I went to see my family (Gansu friends)
[dream 2]
The man and his dream of love: love the man and his dream of love, the man in the home, the real man does not love me, but I love him, the dream that man gave to me once, I get a little pain, I shot a sperm, don’t let I take a bath, and pulled me second times and I love the pain (Beijing users)
[dream 3]
Men did not succeed: dream of dream of a lot of handsome and beautiful home, and they lived in my family, I love a boy, but he also love me, but because of some things and not stay with me, dream inside I kissed his shoulders, he kissed me. Finally disappeared, unable to find the man. (Liaoning netizen provides)
[dream 4]
Dream of men: very good-looking man, become black and thin! Become a scholar! Dry work! Still selling food! The store has changed! The original feeling and big change! This man is our boss! But he became a man who ate by coolies!

Dream of someone chasing me, I have been running

Dream of someone chasing me, I have been running the relevant explanation
Dream of a new beginning of the hint. A new beginning can be found in work and in love. The problems that have been troubling can be solved. It’s a good dream.

Dreaming of someone chasing you may imply that you refuse to accept or acknowledge an idea, an idea, or an idea. It may indicate that someone is really seeking or wanting to pursue you, and pay more attention to the behavior of the opposite sex friend.
Pregnant people dream of someone chasing me, I have been running, indicating the birth of men. Xia Zhansheng female, beware of miscarriage.
Marriage who dreams of people chasing me. I ran that age are slightly more, the concept of marriage to be unable to communicate.
Entrepreneurs dream of someone chasing me, I have been running, on behalf of the reorganization of the interior, after a period of time to start business.
The people who are preparing for the exam dream of being chased by me. I have been running, which means that I will be admitted, but not too careless or confident.
Intend to go out who dreams of people chasing me. I have been running, regardless of the weather of suggestions, delayed.
Dream of someone chasing me, I have been running psychological advice
There is a tendency to act in accordance with one’s own needs and over pursue freedom. The words of others are like the wind in the ear, and they forget when they hear it. And their own ideas are not easily understood by others. In addition to physical fatigue is slightly bad, continue to accumulate, although has no effect to cheer. So it’s a good idea to go home after work and rest early. And people who are planning to lose weight for the summer should pay more attention to supplements.

Dream of the exam did not finish the problem

Dream of the exam did not finish the relevant explanation
Dream of the exam, auspicious, grades will duck.
Dream of the exam, auspicious, grades will duck.
Dream of the students in the exam, means that the dream of working pressure, heart resentment.
Intend to go out people dream of the examination didn’t finish the question, suggested sunny wind, summer day is not feasible, Yanzhi out.
The people who are preparing for the exam dream that they have failed to finish the exam, which means that the scores of the subjects are not satisfactory and they can not be accepted.

Business people dream exam did not finish the question, not on behalf of profit, there are losses, Chujiubuxin operation.
People dream of marriage examination did not finish the question, indicating that the two sides are hurt, marriage is not a part.
Pregnant people dream of failing to finish the exam, indicating the birth of men. Autumn accounts for women.
Dream of the exam did not finish the psychological suggestion
These two days, there will be an emergency situation, and many trivial things, you have to calmly deal with! More social occasions to show their faces, you will meet the heart of the object. Although the investment, but not just for the sake of Antalis, should do long-term considerations! Although busy, but these two days you are super efficient, a lot of things done in one breath.
Dream of the exam did not finish the relevant dream
[dream 1]
Dream of the exam that I am ready to smooth vocal test, I what also not ready, no makeup, just use the students powder coated, and then on the stage, the play is not good, can sing out in the audience can sing very well, there is a result. The teacher took a needle scoring above there is a very fine needle to see me, I was crying, he said I have a examination of vocal nodules, then I’ll have no exam, my teacher said, okay, this situation will be a plus, but I can’t afford it blow, had been crying on the road. (Chongqing netizen provides)
[dream 2]
Dream exam: dreaming that I was preparing for the exam review, what are not, and participated in the training, after the training, met his former colleagues, they have to use their own and not the exam, ready to leave, suddenly feel very hungry, have relatives to send a piece of meat to make their own. The meat to eat a few, to participate in the training of people left, that can not find their own shoes and coat, find shoes been worn away, leave in a hurry, found the door locked, but the door is still open. (IA users provide)
[dream 3]
In a dream never learned the exam: try holding the mentality in a dream never learned the exam, but the unexpected problem is not the teacher is very strict, while others have the opportunity to cheat when they are unprepared! While I was in a hurry, my favorite man suddenly appeared and handed me the answer. (Beijing netizen provides)
[dream 4]
Dream of the wallet and prepare for the exam book: Hello, I have had a dream, the dream of their own bag was lost in the vegetable market, the last packet back, lost wallet, there was no money, only dream of documents, to prepare for the exam book lost a book, there is an important the book in the bag was not lost, meaning what ah (Jiangsu users)

Dream of someone jumping from a building without dying

Dream of someone jumping from the dead, do not die related explanation
Dream of jumping from a building, indicating that changes in your life or work environment make you feel uneasy.
Dream of jumping from a building, indicating that changes in your life or work environment make you feel uneasy. If you do this kind of dream regularly, it’s better to have a health check.
Dream of jumping from a building, suggesting that life or work pressure is too great, or encountered difficulties, make you feel extremely uneasy. If you have this kind of dream often, there may be a health problem, especially the heart. You’d better go to the hospital for a check.
Those who plan to go out dream of jumping from a building without death.
The people who are preparing for the exam dream of someone jumping off a building without dying, which means that a branch is poor and may be admitted.
Entrepreneurs dream of someone jumping off the ground, not dead, representing price fluctuations, business competition, turnover difficulties.
My people dream of someone jumping not dead, that friend again, and then change, scattered, difficult marriage.
Pregnant people dream of someone jumping from a building, not dead, indicating a female, no male. Beware of abortion.
Some people dream of jumping from the dead psychological advice
You are inclined to accept emotions alone, and do not wish to convey your inner thoughts to others. You will feel lonely, depressed and pessimistic, but you should realize that life isn’t as bad as you think it is now. Don’t be too concerned about it.
Dream of someone jumping from the dead does not die related dreams
[dream 1]
Dream of jumping: dream of a stomach of my classmates to jump, I go to save her, but the building without elevator, I had to climb the stairs up to the half, suddenly felt a terrible pain in my stomach, walk, and then heard outside the radio said that she is not dancing, I always feel that is broadcast in the cheat I stopped me to save her, I want to continue to climb the stairs, the stairs but if there is no end. (Hubei netizen provides)
[dream 2]
Others dream of jumping Dutch act: first of all I dream in the school near my cousin was one or two years without contact of the red car and then I killed, and several other cousin and he went to the red car seat grandmother, my aunt, she is very sad, then I had the students jumped before the Dutch act the school, for three students from the last jump Dutch act, jumping head and body, and saw a lot of people spit out, I spit some, the last jump I witnessed the whole process later woke up, please help me to answer Thank you, I am a freshman. (Guizhou netizen provides)
[dream 3]
Stranger: first dreamed of jumping down from the high to see the strange man, clearly heard a bang is good very loudly with me when I was clear, no reaction also specially looked up, friends told me not to look, go a long way, this is what I saw another strange man jumping, the man because the rope tied so hanging in the air, and then my friend said to me someone jumping and pointed out that the position of men with their fingers, they told me not to look at him very afraid of death, also told me to hurry home, I hope that from the door hanging in the air man jumping head several times, you can look to, but slowly will not see him, will someone just jump to listen to her mother (Hongkong friends)

Duke dream dreams reveal your emotional desire

Maybe everyone has had a dream experience. Here’s an introduction to your dreams about love.
Love at first sight indicates the mood you want to be loved

1, love at first sight shows the mood you want to be loved
You dream of love at first sight and a stranger of the opposite sex, fall river, the dream that you want to be loved is the representative of the mood, also suggesting that you did not find someone close to you. You want to view, this time around, very alert.

Dream of seeing a doctor

Dream of a doctor’s relevant explanation
Dream of seeing a doctor, means that their health and strong.
Dream of seeing a doctor, indicating that their health and strong.
Dream is to see a doctor, nurse needle, you have too much pressure, should pay attention to relax.
Pregnant people dream of a doctor, that male, female students accounted for the autumn, beware of abortion.
Entrepreneurs dream of seeing a doctor, representing the help of an elite, and changing slowly in a difficult situation.
My people dream of a doctor, as long as the woman’s parents agreed to a marriage.
People who prepare for exams dream of seeing a doctor, which means that they are qualified and have the expectation of admission.
Intend to go out of the dream of a doctor, it is recommended that the wind is delayed departure.
Psychological advice about seeing a doctor
The two day you will encounter some unexpected emergency, is a test of your ability to solve this crisis, want to secure through the day you have a wound, the people have to move, in order to cope with another trouble, but we can also see that you are familiar with all the processes, and can maintain a calm attitude.
Dream of the doctor related dreams
[dream 1]
Near the eyes of a stranger to the doctor: some meat. The middle-aged women eyes and nose side from corner near, highlighting a large flat meat and bean remorse, doctor asked if he could see, the doctor says that I can’t see, and then I can say with a laser, that beauty to it, her eyes are guilt and remorse and guilt meat scar, then let the edge of a doctor, said she had gastrointestinal disease, and then the dream ended (Liaoning users)
[dream 2]
Dream to go to a doctor: dreamed of going to the western fast food restaurant to eat in good times, a dream to go to the doctor, the doctor in the wrong place where the toilet, many are discharged patients in the vagina good chunk like rotten meat and placenta like kind of things, oneself also came out of a scare, the doctor said nothing. Is moisture, cold body, caused by qi deficiency (Henan users)
[dream 3]
Dream of seeing a doctor: on the thirty night do, that I went to see a doctor, go to a lot of places do not see better, then they have recommended me to a traditional Chinese medicine, the result is a long body like the ancient cherry small mouth of the woman in the red dress for me to see the Chinese medicine disease, I ready to tell her my illness when he told me not to talk, she says she can diagnosis the problem (Sichuan users)
[dream 4]
Dream: a dream to go to a doctor if symptoms of pregnancy, her husband said I was pregnant, I went to the hospital, touching his belly there is a lump, but also move, really with the fetus of 8.9 months will move, do not know how they know who is the son of…… As a result, I described the doctor as saying that I had broken my stomach and had problems with my stomach
[dream 5]
Dream: dream to go to the hospital to go to the hospital, next to a woman suddenly like a doctor, I asked her which hospital do IVF is good, she didn’t say that the hospital, later like what happened to everyone around, I quickly went to the first floor, and dream of riding an electric car, there are people who drive more than I deliberately pressed my electric car reversing, the police also said I am beside the car battery righteous (Jiangsu users)
[dream 6]
Dream: dream of a doctor in the temple temple, an enlightenment monk, giving the doctor! But medicine is also good, my grandmother took me to the dream, and my grandmother legs good, in real life, my grandmother go out with help! She has bad eyes! What a dream I basking places are all right! And I dreamed of a lot of statues in the temple (Hunan netizens)

Dream of shoes broken

Dream of shoes broken relevant explanation
Dream of wearing the wrong shoes, love will happen. There’s a good chance that a rival will show up. You can arbitrarily, if the sense of rivalry is too strong, it will lead to a lover.
Intend to go out of people dream of shoes broken, it is recommended smooth going out, wish peace.
Pregnant people dream of shoes is broken, that female students, male students accounted for the winter, beware of earth moving air.
Business people dream shoes broken, should retreat on behalf of half gained but half lost. If big investment is in trouble.
My shoes are broken that people dream, temperament, differences of opinion, not a marriage.
People who are preparing for the exam dream that their shoes are broken, which means that they will be admitted to the edge.
Psychological advice about broken shoes
Re thinking and solving a heart of doubt. Don’t touch the best date of work / academic topic, or get part! Having paid a pile of bills, the purse was empty. Business has made you feel a lot of success in your work / study.
Dream of broken shoes related dreams
[dream 1]
A dream to buy white shoes: a dream to buy white shoes but very cheap, always feel that there are problems, there are students where to sell shoes, but she only after dinner to tell me the shoes are not clean, will cause the father infected with various diseases, I suddenly thought of a some time ago to buy their own special cheap clothes in a dream feel the clothes is not clean, I woke up (Shanxi users)
[dream 2]
Others dream of taking double liberation plimsolls: nine in the morning and take a nap, dream in a room with a lot of women, children, say what, now more male than female, a little girl said she isn’t married? I said you will die, old dead small born, then a woman took the bag out, I and others out of the hands of others, but also take the package of things, I want to see what others, open the package with the liberation shoes, I don’t go to the toilet, reflexive urgency, results into office in a big house, then wake up at 10:55 (Shanxi time to provide users)
[dream 3]
Dream of losing a sock and a shoe pad: 12. 00 sleep last night; vaguely heard the ground beat sound, thought it was a mouse will not care, dream lost a sock and a shoe this morning really lost a sock and shoe pad did not find how to find, do not know why, home in the northeast, is this the event or indicates what (Inner Mongolia users)
[dream 4]
Dreamed of shoelaces: dream home with the kids, the kids eat fried chicken, let me go out to buy, I wear a pair of shoes to the shoe, found loose, squat shoelaces, how can also is not tight, then good, but do not know what the Department, to buy things also dream of dumplings, (Liaoning friends)
[dream 5]
Dream of stealing someone else’s shoes: a lot of people dream of doing what, gradually become a game, everyone is looking for shoes, and shoes, the most expensive to determine who wins, in travel process, their shoes can not find, ran for a while, he stole 2 shoe, but two shoes don’t like the shoes, but a small, right foot wear into half, secretly run (Inner Mongolia users)
[dream 6]
Master: Hello, dream of buying shoes a few days ago, I dreamt I buy shoes for married ex girlfriend, was originally a very common dream, but the shoes is wonderful, shoes are white ceramic, when she also try to direct his own shoes inside, that is to say, the shoes are white ceramic she was wearing the shoes in the set up. Besides, I feel very clear about the way she wears shoes. After shoes are put on, they touch the floor very smoothly. Excuse me, master. What does that mean?! (Henan netizen provides)

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